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7 tips for managing your .nz domain name

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You have registered your domain name, but what’s next? Here are our top 7 tips for managing your .nz domain name.

  • How long should I register for? .nz domain names can be registered for terms of between 1 month and 10 years. If you are serious about keeping your domain name then consider a longer term. You will have fewer renewals to worry about and you will know your domain is safe from lapsing.


  • Use accurate contact information. When you register a domain name, you need to fill in contact details as the Registrant. This next bit is important. These details need to be in the name of the individual or the organisation registering the domain name, not a vendor or consultant. If ever there is a dispute about the domain name, it is the Registrant details that are seen as authoritative.


  • Use a generic email address. Set up a specific email address such as and ensure that several people (if appropriate) have access to this. This email address is typically used by Registrars as the primary communication address for important things like renewing your domain name.


  • Safeguard your Registrar details. Take note of your Registrar and their website login details and put them somewhere safe where you can find them easily. The Registrar website site is where you configure how your domain name works for websites and email.


  • Note your renewal date. Note down when the domain is next due for renewal. Put reminders in your diary at least a month from that date to leave plenty of time. If the domain name is not renewed at the right time, you could cease to be the Registrant and someone else may register the name.


  • Ask for help. Once you have your domain name, don’t be afraid to seek help to set it up properly for your website and email addresses. Remember, if you are using this for your organisation then these addresses need to work well.


  • Your ID (UDAI). Once you have registered your domain name your Registrar will issue you with a UDAI (Unique Domain Authorisation  ID). This ID is required if you wish to move your domain name to another Registrar.  If you forget it, your registrar can reissue a new UDAI. Think of it like a password to your domain name, and keep it secure.  If you're asked for it, think carefully before you give the information to anyone other than your Registrar.