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Explore .nz domain name choices

Domain names are the building blocks for creating website and email addresses. The “.nz” at the end of website and email addresses is the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).

To the left of the country code is the ‘second level’. There are 15 second levels within .nz, the most common being For example: A domain name for could be and an example email address could be

Below you can explore the different second levels and determine the right place for your business or personal site to be based.

* Domain options below that are marked with an asterisk are moderated

If you're choosing a name in a moderated space, you will need to apply for approval first, and to follow the moderator's rules for registration.

Explore the second level domains


There is a new choice available. It's short and simple.

If you are interested in exploring what short and simple .nz domain names could be then try our availability search.

Easily the most recognisable of New Zealand’s domain name endings, is probably your best bet for getting an online presence that is easily identifiable by both New Zealanders and the global community. While was initially created for those with a commercial focus, it has gone much further than was ever anticipated and is today used for almost half a million different domain names. And it’s growing! No matter what you’re trying to achieve in this land of the long white cloud, has a place for you.

If you’re a not-for-profit organisation, there’s really only one place to be and that’s That’s why over 27,000 New Zealand interest groups have already chosen for their domain name ending. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Incorporated Society, health group, sporting community, political movement, or something else entirely, by choosing a website, you’re telling the world what you are and what you stand for.

From the archives:

The real Kiwi bird mightn’t fly, but it’s online version – – sure does. was launched in 2012 for those who identify themselves as Kiwis first, and already over 8,000 people have chosen it as their domain name of choice.

Why? Well because New Zealanders are proud of their identity and don’t mind saying so. This is as true offline as it is on. So eat a Pavlova, cheer on the All Blacks and go climb Mt Cook. 

Along the way, think about getting a domain name. It’s the patriotic thing to do.

While is typically only thought of as the domain name for primary, secondary and pre-schools, its limitation doesn’t end there. Music teachers, dance instructors, baking schools and more all use as a means to find students, promote services or even build online resources. Whether you’re a teacher, a student, a business owner, or something else entirely, it doesn’t matter because you’re sure to learn something new at

From the archives:  a profile on

A unique part of New Zealand’s digital online space, is a kaleidoscope of ideas, innovations, interest groups and more. In essence, asks one simple question: how big can you dream? Whether you’re commenting on society or culture, documenting your family history, or President of the Auckland Goldfish Appreciation Society, provides a space where you can express yourself and get your message across. Some call it random. Others call it eclectic. Whatever you want to call it, you can call it that at

Like New Zealand itself, the Internet is also an open and inclusive environment and a place where you’ve the freedom to be what you want to be. So, if you’re an organisation with a Māori focus - or you have a Māori perspective yourself -.Mā can help to match your online identity with your offline one.   Whether your goal is to promote an issue, sell a product or service, or just plain represent, .Mā domain names can help you get your message across.

All registrations in are duplicated in .mā

From the archives:

Universities, professors, tertiary institutes and other academic bodies and individuals all play a vital role in developing New Zealand to its fullest potential.

In order to help these communities of interest keep the significance of their work identifiable, the domain name was created. Today there are almost 2000 of them.

By choosing as part of your domain name you’re choosing to include yourself in a category that prides itself on high-level research, the advancement of knowledge and other cutting-edge thinking, services or products.

If you’re looking for web wisdom, digital know-how and technical innovation in New Zealand, most of it can be found at is the designated domain name for Internet-related organisations and service providers whose work directly relates to New Zealand’s Internet community. If you work with, promote, or advocate for the WWW, you’ll find yourself at home in

From the archives:

Do you have an eccentric devotion to a particular interest? If so then is for you.

Geeks are proud and clever folks,  the ones pushing the limits, creating new technologies and, yes, going where others haven’t gone before.

So if you have an eccentric devotion to a particular interest then is for you.  Stand proud!

From the archives: *

Almost every New Zealander has probably seen a domain name at some point in their lives. That’s because is the moderated domain name for national, regional and local government organisations with legal powers. From Audit NZ to the Youth Court, and everything else in between, is where you’ll find the New Zealand government online. It’s easy because it’s recognisable.

The only registrar authorised to accept registrations is the Department of Internal Affairs.

All the information about moderated names is at


From the archives: *

A domain name ending signifies that it is part of one of New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes, which are each tasked with creating economic, environmental and social wealth through science. There are currently nine research institutes in New Zealand and they cooperate as part of Science New Zealand.

The registrar authorised to accept registrations is Domainz.

All the information about moderated names is at * is the moderated domain name for military organisations of the New Zealand Government. Among other bodies with this domain name ending are the Army, Navy, Air Force, Territorials, Cadet Force, Defence Technology Agency and Veteran Affairs. Any new request for third level domain names must first be authorised by the NZDF Chief Information Officer or delegated authority.

The registrar authorised to accept registrations is Domainz.

All the information about moderated names is at *

The domain name ending is a moderated domain name for agencies and individuals who are a part of the parliamentary system but are not part of the executive government.

The only registrar authorised to accept registrations is the Department of Internal Affairs.

All the information about moderated names is at * is the moderated domain name for a traditional Māori tribe, Hāpū that belongs to a traditional Māori Iwi or taura here Iwi group operating with the permission of the main Iwi and which is legally recognisable.

The authorised registrars for the namespace are FreeParking ( and GodZone Internet Services ( This means that all new registrations may only be made through FreeParking or GodZone Internet Services, and that domain names may be then transferred to other registrars. Any inquiries regarding this policy should be made to the Moderator,

All the information about moderated names is at * is a moderated domain name for registered practitioners and organisations whose core purpose is to provide health and disability services. This means that only health practitioners registered under the ‘Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003’ are eligible to use domain name ending. In practice, this includes the likes of clinics, surgeries, hospitals, DHBs, the Ministry of Health, ACC and other government health and disability bodies. registrations must be made through the Ministry of Health.

All the information about moderated names is at

From the archives: