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Survive-IT, "it had to be"


Having a .nz domain name has been an essential element in the growth of Wellington-based civil defence supplies company, Survive-it.

The first thing the company did after it was formed was to launch a website, says Director, Rod Hall. That was eight years ago, at a time when many companies used .com domain names. But .com doesn’t tell New Zealanders that a company is based in New Zealand, he says.

Survive-it wanted its domain name to tell customers that the company was based in New Zealand and was ready to do business here. “So, it had to be ‘’ for us,” he says. It has also allowed all Survive-it staff to have their own company email.

Rod is a firm believer that all businesses should have their own Domain Name, which becomes part of a company’s identity.

However, it is important to get the domain name correct at the start of the process because changing it later can be difficult, he says. Survive-it is a great example of getting the domain name right. It contains the word “survive”, which has helped people searching online for emergency survival supplies to find the company.

image of Rod Hall from Survive-IT