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Get started with a one page web site

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An effective business web site doesn't need lots of pages of detailed content, you can do it all on one page. All you need to do is include these critical sections:

1. Put your phone number on the front page.
Nice and big, clearly visible, where everyone can spot it easily, and so on - you get the picture.

Why take the risk of losing even a single customer who can't quickly find the number or can't wait for another page to load. Make it as easy as possible for them to contact you.

2. List what you do succinctly and clearly.
If you sell flowers then say that, don't expect people to figure it out.

When people visit a web site they are often unsure about one or two things - "Will they customise as I need it?", "What are their opening hours?", "Will they deliver?", or even "Do they make what I am after?" so you need to ensure that every customer knows quickly that they can get what they need from you. With this immediate confirmation they will stick around and find out more about you but without it they will often not want to invest the time in finding out more and so go elsewhere.

3. Explain why they should choose you.
What is it that makes you special from the customers' perspective.

Customers come to you because they have something they need to get done and ticked off their list. The best result is where they get more things ticked off than they expected and where they can be confident that nothing will be added to their list. So this section is a mixture of the value you add and the quality you provide so they can have assurance in dealing with you.

4. Include some testimonials.
A few short quotes from satisfied customers.

No matter how much you say nothing beats having good things about you said by someone else and well chosen words will reinforce what you said about yourself. It's like word of mouth only you get to control it and many more people get to hear it.

5. Some high quality photographs
Of your work, you and your team, your satisfied customers, your specialist equipment – things that illustrate the points above.

Even the simplest web site described here has lots of words that will take some time for your customers to read. Pictures can capture their attention instantly and introduce or reinforce much of the information from the other sections in a non-verbal way.

To summarise, the three key points are:

  • Access. Your customers want to get to you, your products, your shop, etc with minimal barriers in the way.
  • Confirmation. Your customers want confirmation that you will provide them what they are after. 
  • Value. Your customers want to know why they should choose you before any of your competitors.

So get started now by searching for the right .nz domain name for your business and then setup a website!