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Hear why Plunket use .nz


As a provider of health services to children and babies in New Zealand for more than a century, Plunket is a household name.

Online since 1996, Plunket’s .nz domain name has been essential to connecting with increasing numbers of parents and caregivers who look online for information and products.

Having a .nz domain name means Kiwis know they are dealing with a reputable organisation, says General Manager Fundraising, Marketing and Communications, Mark Johnston. “And I think it just gives them that security about accessing information from a trusted source, such as Plunket.”

The .nz domain name has also given Plunket the flexibility to have an online presence for both its not-for-profit services and its retail division simultaneously. “ is really important for the organisation because [Plunket] is not for profit,” Mark says. And although Plunket is not a business, it has a commercial arm in the form of online retail site Plunket Shop. “So, is equally as important,” he says.

“Having a .nz domain is a key part of our online strategy because it connects us with Kiwis all over the world.”

image of Plunket Reception