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Captured by Bridget



“It’s a really cool thing to have NZ in your business name.” says Bridget Baker, owner of Auckland-based keepsake photography company, Captured by Bridget.  


So cool, in fact,  that Bridget has the website on all her branding. “It’s there in your face and it’s an easy thing to remember.”

With her business in New Zealand, it made sense to make the most of her location. “It was a no-brainer,” she says of the decision to go with a nz domain name. “When I first set up my website I was asked ‘Do you want .com or .nz?’ and I said ‘.nz’ obviously, because I’m a Kiwi.”

She had advertised the business in a variety of traditional ways, none of which led to sales.  By contrast, Bridget found the website gives her 10-15 jobs a month. “It’s huge!” she says. “It’s a necessity.”

picture of Bridget Baker