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Get a domain name for email

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Almost 40% of New Zealand businesses* use a domain name for email, with the majority ending with .nz.

It makes sense to maximize your domain name with specific email addresses because it presents as professional and sound. And this is important because potential customers are looking for indications that your business will provide them with a good customer experience.  

If the only difference between two plumber’s emailed quotes were the email address, which one would you choose?


If you chose B, you’re amongst the majority – quite simply because consumers feel that companies with brand specific email addresses are more likely to be professional, credible, responsible and trustworthy*  than those with Xtra and Gmail addresses.

There are also some other very good reasons to use brand-specific email addresses:


  • Trust – Having an email address that matches a website’s domain name makes a business look authoritative and reliable.
  • Memorable – A brand-specific email address is easy for customers to remember; this is especially helpful if they’ve misplaced your business card or phone number.
  • Portable – You have the choice and ability to move to a different email provider while keeping the same email address. This allows your business to change and grow without being tied to a specific vendor.
  • Convenient – Hosted emails are often much better for spam management and virus prevention than free alternatives. Also, in-house email solutions often offer larger mailbox capacities. All of this can help your business to run more efficiently.
  • Marketing – With a domain name email address, every email you and your staff sends can act as an advertisement, because it reminds people of your business, brand or service. This is a powerful promotional tool when combined with a digital email signature that has your logo and contact details on it. It works much the same way as a trade van emblazoned with logos.
  • Easy – Setting up domain name emails is a straightforward task. First register a domain name and select an email-hosting provider (often one company will do both). The next step is to set up the email address; this is something that your hosting provider can advise you about.

It’s convincing isn’t it?

Take the next step - Check if your domain name is available today.

* Based on 2014 Colmar Brunton Research