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2013 Research report: Consumers and Internet savvy companies prefer .nz

New Zealand internet users have an overwhelming preference for .nz domain names, but many local companies have yet to make the most of that opportunity, a survey of consumers and businesses shows.

Businesses and consumers both see .nz domain names as more trusted, friendly, familiar and local than .com domains, which are seen as more global, exciting and mature, according to the .nz Registry Services (NZRS) report.  

“The results show consumers’ overwhelming preference for searching for and using .nz domains over .com domains, which is great,” says NZRS Marketing Manager David Morrison. “It also tells us there’s a huge opportunity to find new customers that companies without .nz websites and email addresses are missing out on.”

The report shows consumers are much more likely to trust, to look at first, and to use a .nz website than any other top level domain, such as .com.

More than a third of consumers specifically search for .nz domain names on the Internet all the time and four out of five prefer using .nz websites when searching or buying products and services. In addition, almost all (97%) consumers expect .nz sites to ship at reasonable cost, be easy to contact and to have legal cover, compared with .com sites.

“With more than half of New Zealand adults now shopping online it’s really surprising that two thirds of NZ businesses don’t have a domain name for their website or email,” says Morrison. “The customers are right there online looking for New Zealand goods and services. So, if you’re a small or medium-sized business and you don’t have a website, how are they going to find you? It’s a no brainer.”

The report found that most businesses without a domain name use an ISP-provided or free address for email. And, while those businesses say they would most likely register a .nz domain name for a website and email address, half of them say they do not know how to do that.

“That’s the real challenge we have - to convince SMEs that not only is it essential for them to have a .nz domain name as part of a managed internet presence, but that it can also be an easy thing to set up,” says Morrison.

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2012 .nz Market Research

Further Information  
The Colmar Brunton survey was conducted in November 2012.

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