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2014 .nz Domain Name Research Report

The annual NZRS survey (conducted October 2013) of domain names awareness shows the overwhelming popularity of .nz domain names among New Zealand consumers and businesses.

The survey was conducted in two parts:

1. A survey of consumer perceptions, awareness and use of domain names

2. A survey of business perceptions, awareness and use of domain names

Key insights from the report

  • Consumers are heavy Internet users and much prefer .nz websites to others such as .com, while only 38% of businesses have a website, which puts them in front of customers searching for their products and services.

  • Trust of .nz domains remained a key driver of New Zealand consumers’ online behaviour.

  • A large number of businesses feel they do not need an Internet presence because of their size and/or the nature of their business.

  • By contrast, almost all consumers (97%) search for information, products and services online, the vast majority (81%) of whom prefer to look for and buy from .nz websites

  • Nearly all New Zealanders (89%) look for .nz domain names all or some of the time.

  • More people (79% up from 71% in 2012) filter their searches to get New Zealand results.

  • Half of businesses without domain names (51% of sole traders and 44% of enterprises) have no Internet presence at all.

  • Consumers trust .nz websites mainly because they are local.

  • Consumers (77%) and businesses (74%) increasingly use mobile and tablet devices to access the internet.

  • Businesses have underestimated the positive effects that websites designed to be used on mobile devices have on consumer behaviour. Most consumers say they would leave websites that did not work well with mobile devices, and are less likely to buy goods and services from them, too.

  • Few businesses have designed their websites with mobile devices in mind, despite most consumers believing this is important.

  • All consumers expect .nz sites to ship at reasonable cost, be easy to contact and to have legal cover, compared with .com sites.


2013 .nz Market Research

Further Information  
The Colmar Brunton survey was conducted in October 2013.

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