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.nz is the cleanest! (Nov 2013)

November 2013: Second only to .tel the .nz domain name space was listed one of the cleanest domain spaces in the world.

The Internet plays an important part in our lives, both personal and business.  With our time online increasing our exposure to Internet threats such as Malware, Phishing and Spam increases.  When visiting sites it is important to know that we are accessing content that is relevant and trusted.

The .nz domain names are the most trusted by New Zealanders because they relevant, local and trusted as shown in recent research by Colmar Brunton.  That trust is now well deserved with .nz being rated second in the Architelos NameSentry Quality Report.

So how was the report data created? 

"Specically, the NQI measures the number of abusive domain names per million Domains Under Management(DUM) in a TLD [Top Level Domain]. The types of abuse include domains used for phishing, malware, botnet command-and-control, and domains advertised via spam sent from botnets and by other abusive means. The domains are reported by trusted security sources including Internet Identity, SURBL, Spamhaus, MalwareURL, ZeusTracker, SpyeyeTracker, and Malware Domain List.

We have been tracking this data via Architelos’ patent-pending NameSentry® abuse detection and mitigation service. Our data providers were not involved in the creation of this report. NameSentry also mines additional data unique to each reported abuse. Domains under management numbers were taken directly from ccTLD registry websites, the ICANN website, and other research and analysis. The great majority of the domains on these blocklists were registered for the purpose of perpetrating abuse, with a small minority consisting of domains that have been compromised by criminals.

The NQI is used only to measure and communicate how safe or unsafe a particular namespace may be, but also to benchmark the industry’s performance before and after the introduction of the new gTLDs."  Architelos NameSentry Quality Report

"Of the fifteen (15) TLDs rated Excellent/Green in July 2013 with NQI scores under 100, four TLDs remained (.tel, .nz, .fi, .pt) and eleven slipped to Good/Yellow. The .xxx, .dk and .ar registries just missed Excellent/Green ratings with NQI scores between 103 and 109."  Architelos NameSentry Quality Report

.nz is proud to be a trusted, relevant and safe place for New Zealanders and those globally who seek New Zealand specific content. 

Things can change rapidly so it is important that we are collectively vigilant in reporting domains that are not safe content for those that use the Internet.  Here are some resources to:


Read the report: