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It’s time to turn on your new .nz domain

If you have a .nz domain name then this is important information for you to know.  At 1pm, 30th March 2015 any .nz domains that had the preferential eligibility (PRR) status that had not been reserved or registered were made generally available on a first come first served basis.


If you don’t have a .nz domain name or are looking for a new one, then now is a great time to get yourself a shorter, simpler name. It’s easy, just use the search box below to a find a name now!

Alternatively get in touch with a registrar now.

Start your search here.


Questions & Answers

What will happen to existing second level domains like, and
There will be no change to existing second levels and people can still register domain names with them if they want to. If you have an existing one, and wish to keep it, you should continue to pay the registration fee.
What was so important about the 30th March 2015?
For those that had the PRR status, 1pm 30th March 2015 was the end of the PRE (Preferential Registration Eligibility) period. Any names with the PRR status that had not been reserved or registered were made generally available on a first come first served basis.
I’ve a .nz domain name, who should I speak to in order to learn more?
If you have a domain name already you should speak to your Registrar/Domain Name Provider
What does the change to allow .nz registrations directly at the second level mean?
This change means that people will now have more choice when getting a .nz domain name. This is because existing second levels – like the .co in and the .org in – are now optional. So, you can register with them, without them, or both. As an example, someone could get as well as
When did this change happen?
The go-live date for this change was 1pm, 30 September 2014. Since that date, people have be able to register or reserve the new shorter .nz domain names.

Its about keeping it simple