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Domain Name Perceptions - Have you got it right?

Since 2012, NZRS has undertaken research to benchmark public perceptions of domain names for ongoing tracking and to better understand perceptions of the .nz domain space amongst New Zealand businesses and consumers –the results are really quite intriguing.

What’s the most important thing to keep in mind when considering the world of domain names? – Perception.

Whether it’s front of mind or not, New Zealand businesses and consumers are entwined in the continuous pursuit of connecting online.

Until the end of time, good customer service will remain the backbone of business success. The thing is that, for the 98% of online consumers using the Internet in their search for information, products or services, 13% will abandon their search for a particular company and find someone else if they are “kept waiting” and can’t easily locate an organisation’s website or contact details.

In addition, online savvy consumers are on the move and increasingly believe that websites should be designed for mobile device use, because that’s what they want.

Close to nine in ten (89%) of these consumers know what a domain name is and believe that it’s very important for businesses to use a company specific email address – in fact, one in five online consumers have their own domain name!    

Consequently, it’s a bit of an understatement to report that the Internet is important for business. Only two per cent of businesses tell of no activity online, with everyone else emailing, banking, researching and connecting throughout the day. Nearly two thirds of businesses use mobile devices to access the Internet and 23% of businesses promote their products and services via social media. Interestingly, those without a domain name for a website and with growth intentions are more likely to think that social media is extremely beneficial for their business.

A total of 35% of New Zealand businesses own or manage their own domain name for a website ending in .nz. By having a web presence, these businesses have the opportunity to electronically meet consumer appetites for ongoing and immediate service.

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